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Los Alcazares, Spain
July 3, 2022, 2:56 am

Beer Beat: Discover Spanish Beer

If you are thinking about Spain as a place to live, consider the beer scene. Spain is perhaps better known for its wines but just like its northerly neighbors, Spain’s beer scene thrives in every community. It seems like every town has a brewery and certainly local beers are available at the many gastrobars, pubs and restaurants. To understand the local Murcian culture in a hoppy way, a quick spin around the local beer scene is what’s on tap.  

Spanish Beer Styles

Beer comes in styles like pale ale, IPA and stout but the seasonal, session beers reflect the unique flavors of Murcia. In the fall, that might mean Pumpkin Ale scented with cinnamon , Christmas Ale or black beer as the winter solstice approaches and a fruited beer in summer. Known as chumbo in Spain, prickly pear is a refreshing addition to summer beers – or eat one straight from the market with an ice cold lager on the side. In the warm summer months, beer is often mixed with lemonade (or Fanta Limón). It is known as a clara or clara limón.

Drink Beer like a Spaniard

Many Spaniards enjoy wine and beer during the day, usually with food. Lunches can be at a  leisurely pace, a style suited for beer, and the late afternoon/early evening tradition of small bites (tapas or pintxos) are often enjoyed with a glass of wine or beer alongside. Spanish bars typically have one or two beers on tap – try one to experience the local flavor. Beer pulled from a tap might be chilled while many bottled beers are not refrigerated before they are sold. To order a beer, consider size. A caña is usually the smallest size (200 ml or 7 oz.) and the size varies by the bar. To get a pint of beer, ask for a jarra. Bottled beer calls for a size adjustment – a tercio is bottle sized (about a third of a liter). 

Where to Drink Beer in Murcia

Cervecería has two meanings: it is a place that makes beer or a place that specializes in serving beer. Some breweries also serve beer. One to try is Canana L.A. Brewpub. Take a tour of their brewery before sitting down at the bar with a blonde ale or a temporada, a seasonal (or session) beer. Situated on a side street with a festive, city vibe and a teeny “garden,” Beergarden Murcia is styled with international beers (Leffe, Delirium Tremens, Konig Ludwig, etc.), a wide selection of Murcian beers (el Cantero, Cervezas Yakka, Ricote Valley, etc.) and a stacked burger to pair with the beer. For a taste of the tapas life with your beer, head over to Cervecería Almudí. Sure, they have gluten-free beer to go with their daily menu but they are especially known for their typical Spanish fare such as grilled octopus (pulpo) and chicken in pepitoria (chicken with almond-saffron sauce).

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