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January 17, 2018, 1:49 pm


Warm Up This Winter with Holiday Homes for Sale in Murcia Spain

Once the air outside has you shivering and the winter winds are howling, you may find yourself dreaming of a warmer place to hang your hat. Somewhere you can trade your overcoat for swim trunks, your fireplace for a dip in the sea. It’s not very difficult to get caught up in the idea of a winter getaway, and – thankfully – it isn’t too late to catch some of the best holiday homes for sale in Murcia, Spain.

The Season’s Perfect Homes for Sale in Murcia

Located along the Costa Calida of the Mediterranean, Murcia sits in a warm weather climate that is dry most of the year. During “winter” you’ll find that it gets slightly cooler at night; yet, even this feels comfortable to the traveler who’s accustomed to a truly cold environment. While not all of Spain is warm during the winter season, Murcia is definitely a place where you can find a home to thaw out from the chill.

What’s also great about investing in holiday homes for sale in Murcia, Spain? You have an escape whenever you desire, whether for the entire season or just for the holidays. You’ll no longer depend on the availability of resorts or hotels; you’ll simply arrive at your home and forget about the cold and snow you’ve left behind.

Find Your New Home in Spain

Now that you know what waits for you this winter, it’s time to start thinking about the possibility of buying one of the homes for sale in Murcia. Start your search with our online listings.

The Top 3 Foreigners Buying Property in Spain

Buying Property in Spain

Foreigners are buying property in Spain at increasing rates.

The second quarter of 2017 was record-breaking in terms of foreigners buying property in Spain. In Murcia, specifically, the number of non-Spaniards purchasing real estate was the highest since the third quarter of 2008 – totaling a quarter of all property sales.

Who are these foreigners snapping up an increasing amount of properties for sale in Spain? According to second quarter data, the top three groups of foreign buyers hail from the UK, France and Germany – making up 17.7, 8.9, and 7.3 percent of sales, respectively. Buyers from Sweden, Belgium, Italy and Romania are also buying property in Spain at impressive rates.

Now we know the top non-Spaniard buyers in Murcia, but what influences them to look here in the first place? If you asked anyone who lives in the Costa Calida, one of the top answers might be the climate – sunny, dry and comfortable most days of the year. Of course, there are plenty of other reasons why properties for sale in Spain go so quickly. Here are a few that are top of mind, based on our own experiences:

If you’ve ever considered buying property in Spain, then we invite you to browse our properties for sale in Murcia, Spain. It’s not only a welcoming community, but also a special place you’ll love to call your home – or second home.

3 Popular Golf Resorts in Murcia to Host Prestigious Tournaments and Christmas Events

Golf Resort in Murcia - Roda Golf & Beach

Roda Golf & Beach Resort in Murcia hosts a Christmas Golf Tournament in December.

While our peak travel and tourist season may be over, the arrival of fall signals the beginning of another important agenda – golf tournaments and tours. This year, three of the most popular golf resorts in Murcia are hosting major events expected to unite passionate players with those who live and breathe the sport. From La Torre Golf Resort in Murcia to the Roda Golf & Beach Resort, let’s take a look at what each property is serving up this season.

La Torre Golf Resort Murcia – GNK Golf Tour

On Saturday, November 4, the GNK Golf Tour will make its second-to-last stop at La Torre Golf Resort in Murcia. The 2017 Tour, which began in April, features individual tournaments along its circuit of 7 courses designed by Nicklaus Design, including one personally designed by Jack Nicklaus. This tour is open to amateur golfers who want to experience the unique challenges of each course. The event at La Torre includes 18 holes of golf surrounded by breathtaking properties and the enchanting Costa Calida. For more information, you can visit gnkgolf.com.

La Manga Club – European Amateur Golf Tour

From November 17-20, La Manga Golf Club – a premier golf resort in Murcia – will launch the 2018 European Amateur Golf Tour (EAGT). Billed as the most popular amateur golf tour in Europe, the EAGT is a fantastic opportunity to play competitive golf at some of the world’s most spectacular and exclusive courses. The event includes four rounds of golf, prizes, and potential advancement to the EAGT final. For more information, you can visit eagt.co.uk.

Roda Golf & Beach Resort Murcia – Christmas Tournament

On Saturday, December 16, the Roda Golf & Beach Resort in Murcia hosts its very own Christmas Golf Tournament. Roda’s 18-hole, par 72 course is designed by internationally renowned golf architect, Dave Thomas, and features excitement and challenge at every turn. As the first course in Murcia to receive the coveted ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification, Roda Golf & Beach Resort is truly an experience for players and spectators alike. For details and registration, visit rodagolf.com.

Now is the time to make plans for these exciting tournaments and tours. Book your trip and, while you’re here, let us show you around some of the golf resort properties for sale in Murcia.

Why Luxury Villas are Desirable Rental Properties in Spain


Rental Properties in Spain – Luxury Villas in Murcia, Spain

Rental properties in Spain include luxury villas, like this one in Murcia.

As one of Spain’s prominent tourist destinations, Murcia enjoys a steady flow of visitors throughout the year – some who prefer to rent villas rather than book traditional hotels. But it isn’t just travelers who are looking for rental properties in Spain; the natives are also giving homeowners another reason to consider life as a landlord.

Let’s take a look at these two different – yet very important – audiences for those who own luxury villas in Spain.

Tourists Booking Rental Properties in Murcia, Spain

Murcia’s year-round warm climate, abundant sunshine, and outdoor lifestyle make it a popular choice for holidays and travel in general. Visitors who are looking for a home-like setting when it comes to accommodations typically look at renting houses or villas instead of hotels. Many of the luxury villas in Murcia are situated on, or very near, golf courses and other attractions. Some even offer hotel-style services, such as cleaning, concierge, spas and restaurants. If you own a villa, then this balance of comfort and service can position it as a great rental option for tourists.

Spaniards May Consider Renting Luxury Villas in Spain

According to a recent report, more than 22 percent of Spaniards are living in rental properties in Spain. This is up from 17 percent just five years ago, representing a shift in mentality when it comes to purchasing real estate. Luxury villa owners in Spain may want to consider renting their homes as a way to generate additional income. In Murcia, some homeowners only live in their villas for part of the year, so renting the property may be a viable option.

Turning luxury villas into rental properties may be advantageous for buyers who want to make the most of their investments. With the increasing number of renters in Spain, and the continued tourism in Murcia, the competition for rental properties is up – and so are the prices. Just be sure you know the current laws on renting your home or villa.

If you don’t own a luxury villa in Murcia, but want to consider it for rental purposes, then please get in touch with our team to discuss your options. We are happy to offer our advice and guidance.

Mud Baths: Mar Menor’s Dirty Little Not-So-Secret

Mud Baths in Mar Menor

Visitors enjoy the mud baths in Mar Menor’s warm lagoon.

When you think of living in Murcia, you likely think of the warm climate, calm waters and lots of time spent outdoors. If you’re a local, you might also know Murcia as the destination for mud – that is, the therapeutic, nutrient-rich mud baths in the Mar Menor.

It sounds like a messy pastime, but mud bathing has taken place here for centuries. In fact, did you know the Mar Menor is called the “sea of health” for its warm waters and healing muds? Plenty of bathers have come to the edges of the lagoon seeking the medical benefits of mud, namely for arthritis, rheumatism, broken bones and skin conditions. It’s also been the source of natural beauty treatments for just as long, although you can now pay for the experience in some of the area’s luxury spas.

If you like the idea of mud baths in the Mar Menor (and you don’t mind it on your skin), then this could be a big benefit to living in Murcia. There are a few designated “bathing” stations, mainly in Las Charcas, San Pedro del Pinatar, and the southern end of La Manga. Here you can take a specially designed ladder into the shallow water, or have a seat in one of the newer areas built for disabled bathers. Whichever method you choose, you won’t be alone. Mud bathing is a popular attraction here – especially in the warmer months.

As a team, we have been in the Costa Calida region of Murcia for years, so the mud baths along the Mar Menor are no secret to us. However, if you haven’t taken a trip down to the “sea of health” yet, make sure you stop by for your own treatment. It’s well worth the time, and – even better – it’s free, courtesy of Mother Nature.

Looking for more information on life in Murcia? Visit our blog for stories on culture, recreation, current events and today’s real estate market.

3 Reasons You’ll Fall for the Luxury Retirement Homes For Sale in Murcia

Luxury Retirement Homes for Sale at Murcia's Lo Romero

The luxurious retirement homes for sale at Lo Romero include priceless views.

Spain is arguably the best place to buy a retirement home in Europe right now. Not only are the prices attractive, but interest rates are also at historic lows. Despite the slight cost increase anticipated this year, the Spanish real estate market is booming. Aside from the numbers, there are other reasons you’ll fall in love with the luxury retirement homes for sale in Murcia – three that we’ll highlight for you.

Just the Right Size for Retirement

The luxury homes for sale in Murcia are available in various sizes and styles, but all can accommodate your needs in retirement. From one-bedroom apartments to three-bedroom villas, you’ll have your choice when it comes to personal space. Many of the retirement homes for sale feature a desirable outdoor living area, whether it’s your own personal swimming pool and terrace or a shared exterior space where you can meet and entertain friends.

Surrounded by Activities

When you live in Murcia, it’s easy to become immersed in an active lifestyle. Not only is the weather conducive to outdoor fun (we have more than 300 days of sunshine per year), but there are also a variety of sports and pastimes that have been cultivated over the years. You’ll find plenty of company for golf, swimming, sailing, kayaking, biking, walking, tourism or even enjoying a love of wine right outside your door.

High Potential for Rental Property

Another reason to love the luxury retirement homes for sale in Murcia is the potential for rentals. Some buyers plan to split their time in multiple destinations, so having a home that you can rent while you’re gone is appealing. Fortunately, with Murcia being a tourist hotspot, it may be easier than you think to generate additional income from your investment in a luxury property.

Take a Look at What’s Available

The real estate market in Murcia is hot right now. Before the costs or interest rates increase, have a look at the available properties along this one-of-a-kind, seaside escape.

Mid-Year Buyer’s Report for Luxury Villas in Spain

Luxury Villas for Sale in Murcia, Spain

Buyers are flocking to luxury villas in Spain.

It’s halfway through 2017, and the market remains positive for buyers looking to purchase luxury villas in Spain. For one, prices continue to be attractive. Even with a 6.1% price increase over the past five months in Mediterranean coastal areas, the number of property sales in Murcia increased 17% year-on-year during the first quarter of 2017. Murcia is also the most active in residential property auctions, helping to expand the inventory of villas for sale in Murcia, Spain.

The larger inventory of homes, coupled with tempered prices, means buyers can expect a comfortable negotiation experience. In Murcia, buyers are generally putting in offers 10-15 percent below asking price, signaling favorable market conditions for those ready to throw a hat in the ring. However, be careful not to underestimate the value of these coastal properties. The market value of luxury villas in Murcia, Spain has risen by 4.7% year-on-year, and this is likely to be considered in the overall purchase price.

Aside from the data, we also know Murcia to be a highly desirable location for many Europeans. The mild climate, abundance of outdoor recreation, and affordable living attracts buyers from all over the globe. As the coast receives more recognition for its comfortable and laid back lifestyle, we expect these qualities to continue drawing buyers to the area, reducing the amount of inventory and scaling prices upward over time.

Now is the time to start researching luxury villas for sale in Murcia, Spain. You can get an idea of the different types of villas available to you, as well as the prices to expect for each property.

Contact us if you’re ready to start the search for your new home. We can work with you remotely or in person.

Spain Real Estate Selling Point: Kayaking in Costa Calida

Spain’s real estate in Murcia makes it easy to go kayaking in Costa Calida.

Costa Calida is a water lover’s paradise, which makes it especially attractive for buyers who want a piece of Spain real estate. Not only does it offer warm temperatures year round (Costa Calida literally means “warm coast”); there are also nearly 250 km of Mediterranean coastline – including the Mar Menor on the north end – where you can launch watercraft for a peaceful retreat or a maritime adventure. If you’re interested in kayaking, then you’re really going to dig this coastal stretch of southern Spain – as a resident or as a visitor. Let’s take a look at a few different spots that are absolutely perfect for kayaking in Costa Calida.

Mar Menor

Located on the north end of Costa Calida near the city of Murcia, the Mar Menor is a shallow, saltwater lagoon where some of the best property in Spain can be found. It’s an easygoing seaside environment where water sports are king. If you’ve never commanded a kayak before, then this is the ideal starting point. The water is calm, the wind is minimal (especially in the morning), and you’re secluded from the Mediterranean by a long stretch of land called La Manga. You can rent kayaks, and canoes for that matter, from the Nautical Resort on the Mar Menor. It’s up to you whether a leisurely paddle or a trek to one of the nearby islands sounds more appealing.


Just south of the Mar Menor is Mazarrón, a wide bay that opens up to the Mediterranean. This spot is perfect for kayaking in Costa Calida because it caters to all skill levels. Mazarrón Multiaventura can rent you a kayak for solo adventures or take you on a guided tour that includes time for snorkeling or diving. If you’ve already tried kayaking on the Mar Menor, and you want a bit more of a challenge, then this small stretch of coast could be your best bet. Plus, it’s not far from the southern Spain real estate properties in Murcia.


Situated at the southernmost point of the Costa Calida, Águilas is a tourist town with great exposure to the Mediterranean. Here you’ll find high cliffs and hidden coves to explore on your kayak journey. Vive Águilas offers a variety of leisure excursions and guided tours as well as longer trips for more experienced paddlers.

If you’re really in for a multi-day kayaking adventure, then you can check out the expert-level excursion that goes from Murcia to Cabo de Gata. This is a physically demanding trip that takes four days to complete, and it is totally worth it.

Kayaking in Costa Calida is available for all ages and skill levels. Be sure to check out these spots on your next visit to Murcia, or make it a permanent pastime when you buy property in Spain.

Luxury Homes for Sale in Spain’s Mediterranean Wine Country

Wine on Table at La Torre Golf Resort

Luxury homes are for sale in Murcia, Spain, surrounded by the Mediterranean’s best wine regions.

Wine is everywhere in Spain (it has the most vineyards in the world), but along the Mediterranean coast it’s a way of life. Murcia, especially, is known for its standout Monastrell and Malvasia wines, products of the three designated origins: Jumilla, Bullas and Yecla. The warm, semi-arid climate that we enjoy year-round creates a special kind of wine drinking experience, and it’s something that turns visitors into repeat visitors into residents. So, if you’re looking for luxury homes for sale in Spain, here are a few upscale golf resort properties where you can build a life surrounded by this beautiful wine culture.

Mar Menor Golf Resort

The Mar Menor Golf Resort is one of the most established resorts in the area. Its proximity to the Mar Menor (a shallow, saltwater lagoon) makes it easy for residents to enjoy beach time and water sports within a short bike ride or drive. The resort also has an acclaimed 18-hole Jack Nicklaus golf course and the luxury Intercontinental Hotel & Spa for guests and indulgences. When you’re ready for wine, the Bullas region – and its 14 vineyards – is just an hour away, making it a perfect day trip or getaway for the weekend. See which of these homes for sale speaks to you in Spain’s other language – vino.

Mar Menor Golf Resort - Homes for Sale in Spain

The hotel at Mar Menor Golf Resort, where luxury homes are for sale on site.

La Torre Golf Resort

La Torre Golf Resort is an expansive and breathtaking community of seaside apartments, townhomes and villas set among refreshing fountains, long boulevards, landscaped gardens, and a beautiful Nicklaus-designed golf course. It has a breezy feel to it, and at night the place is aglow in ambient lighting and dramatic waterscapes. La Torre also happens to be an hour-and-a-half from the Yecla wine region, located in the northernmost part of Murcia. There you’ll find 11 vineyards to explore, meet new friends, and enjoy the lifestyle not far from home. See which luxury homes are for sale in this modern Spanish community.

La Torre Luxury Homes for Sale

Homes for sale in Spain’s La Torre Golf Resort

Roda Golf & Beach Resort

Roda Golf & Beach Resort is an upscale golf resort property located just 1.5 km from the Mar Menor. Its 18-hole, 72-par golf course was designed by renowned golf course architect, Dave Thomas, and offers something for everyone. Roda offers luxury terraced houses for sale as well as villas and apartments, all designed in the name of relaxation. Rest assured, wine country is just an hour-and-a-half drive from home to the Jumilla wine region, best known for its Monastrell wines – and one of the most expensive wines in history. Take a tour of Roda Golf & Beach Resort to get a feel for life along the Mediterranean.

Roda Golf & Beach Resort Homes for Sale in Spain

The luxury properties at Roda Golf & Beach Resort are nearby wine regions.

These aren’t the only luxury homes for sale in Spain’s Mediterranean wine country. For a look at other available properties, check out these current listings and join us for what we call the good life.

Get Sporty In Spain

Spain is a major powerhouse throughout the world when it comes to Sports. Football is most likely the first sport that comes to mind when you think of sport in Spain, as two of them most dominant teams in the world, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid FC are of course Spanish. Other sports where the Spanish excel include basketball, golf, motorcycling, cycling, tennis, and Formula One.

However, you don’t have to be as accomplished as Rafa Nadal or Marc Márquez to enjoy the sporty lifestyle Spain has to offer. One of the most compelling reasons why the British move to Spain is unsurprisingly for the weather, and this naturally leads to spending much more time outdoors than most people are accustomed to in rainy and dreary Britain. As a result, even those who have never partaken in any type of sporting activity find themselves becoming more active when they move to Spain.


The Mediterranean coast is not only famous for its beautiful beaches, it also boosts some fabulous walking and hiking trails. Many of the delightful coves and beaches of coastal Spain are linked by a series of narrow paths and walkways, formed by fishermen who need to access the beaches and also by the authorities who patrolled the coast looking for “contrabandistas” or smugglers.

In most municipalities, sections of these early trails have been restored and improved by local authorities to provide a unique and optimal way to explore the wonderful coastline of Spain. With numerous paths to choose from, you can enjoy an entire days’ hiking, or just take a half hour leisurely walk, either of which will leave you feeling invigorated and improve your fitness levels.

Nordic Walking

Some Spanish resorts promote Nordic walking as part of their tourist attractions and offer guided walking tours. Nordic walking is a fabulous and cheap way to stay fit, as when walking with poles you build both lower and upper-body endurance, and Nordic walking increases calorie burn by 20 to 45 percent over regular walking. It is also a popular sport among the older generation as the support provided by the poles means less stress on the knees.


Another cheap and easy-to-access sport which the Spanish excel at is cycling. Unlike in the UK where after the bike the most important cycling component is a sturdy and very waterproof jacket, the Spanish climate is perfect for cycling almost all year round.

While Spain is a hilly country famous for its rugged mountainous scenery, resorts and even the major towns of Valencia and Barcelona are pretty flat. You’ll find dedicated bike lanes in many towns, which means cycling is not just a great way to get fit, it is also one of the best ways to get from A to B within a town. Additionally, getting in the habit of cycling to run errands will save you money on fuel and parking fees.

You can pick up a very decent bicycle for around 150€ at any branch of Decathlon in Spain, or check out sites like Segundamano and Milanuncios for second hand bargains.


In the UK, even if you live by the sea, chances are high that you won’t be taking a dip unless it is July or August, if at all. However, in Spain the sea temperatures are very bearable from June to October, with many braver individuals taking the plunge into the Med from as early as April.

When living in Spain, even if you do not relish the thought of swimming in the sea you will find plenty of opportunities to enjoy swimming. If you look at properties on any Spanish estate agents such as those for sale on www.valuvillas.com which is an agency located on the Costa Blanca, you’ll see a large percentage of apartment blocks have a community pool, and even villas with a private pool can be snapped up in 2017 for the same price you would pay for a small city centre one-bedroom flat in the UK.

Furthermore, you’ll find numerous hotels and country masia-style restaurants where you can enjoy the swimming facilities on offer for the price of a drink or a meal. Just remember to swim before you eat!


The bottom line is, if you move to Spain, as well as being able to enjoy a comfortable top-quality lifestyle at a much lower cost compared to living in the UK, you are also likely to become much fitter in the process.

So what are you waiting for?