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August 5, 2020, 12:55 pm
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The Top 3 Foreigners Buying Property in Spain

Buying Property in Spain

Foreigners are buying property in Spain at increasing rates.

The second quarter of 2017 was record-breaking in terms of foreigners buying property in Spain. In Murcia, specifically, the number of non-Spaniards purchasing real estate was the highest since the third quarter of 2008 – totaling a quarter of all property sales.

Who are these foreigners snapping up an increasing amount of properties for sale in Spain? According to second quarter data, the top three groups of foreign buyers hail from the UK, France and Germany – making up 17.7, 8.9, and 7.3 percent of sales, respectively. Buyers from Sweden, Belgium, Italy and Romania are also buying property in Spain at impressive rates.

Now we know the top non-Spaniard buyers in Murcia, but what influences them to look here in the first place? If you asked anyone who lives in the Costa Calida, one of the top answers might be the climate – sunny, dry and comfortable most days of the year. Of course, there are plenty of other reasons why properties for sale in Spain go so quickly. Here are a few that are top of mind, based on our own experiences:

If you’ve ever considered buying property in Spain, then we invite you to browse our properties for sale in Murcia, Spain. It’s not only a welcoming community, but also a special place you’ll love to call your home – or second home.

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