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Get-Away This Weekend: 5 Day Trips from Murcia

By now you probably know where in Spain is Murcia, and while there is plenty to see and do in Murcia proper, its location invites exploring nearby towns and cities. Taking day trips from Murcia is a leisurely way to spend all or part of a weekend. Here are a few of our favorite quick excursions (and a few more ideas to show how centrally located Murcia is).

Last Minute Travel: Drive 45 Minutes for Day Trips from Murcia

Cabo de Palos: Calling Conservationists + Scuba Divers 

A short 45 minute drive from Murcia lies Cabo de Palos, a 400 meter wide peninsula full of coves and sparkling sea. In the sea, you’ll find the Hormiga Islands, declared an Integral Marine Reserve with some of the best scuba diving you’ll find in all of Spain (think shipwrecks, coral reefs, sunken boats, and more to explore underwater).   

Portmán: Bring Your Beach Towel

Hit the road and 45 minutes away is the small town of Portmán. This hamlet of dark sandy beaches are quiet and not hard to get to. Or, ditch the beach and go hiking on the Calzada Romana. For something different head inside the 19th century mines of Sierra Minera de Cartagena-La Unión and take a tour of the mining park.

Lorca: Calling All History Buffs 

Only 45 minutes away from Murcia is Lorca, established as a historic and artistic site in 1964 and dubbed “the Baroque city” for the Baroque monuments in the middle of town. Don’t miss the Lorca Castle, also known as the “fortress of the sun,” perched on a hill. This defensive structure is ancient—it dates back to the 13th century with Gothic vaulted ceilings. Then, head to the Guevara Palace, a quadrangular mansion with Solomonic columns in the entry and courtyard tucked inside—the architecture will draw you in! Additionally, you could spend several hours going back in time at the Lorca Municipal Archeological Museum whose building dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries or check out the Ex-Collegiate Church of San Patricio, built between the 16th to 18th centuries. 

Plan Ahead: Drive 2-Hours for Day Trips from Murcia

AlmerÍa: Ancient Life Meets Modern Art

Head South to the Coastal town of AlmerÍa, a 2-hour drive from Murcia. Top of the list of this historic town are the AlmerÍa Fortress built in 955 AD on the ruins of a fortress. Then head over to the nearby AlmerÍa Cathedral, known as the first fortress-temple in AlmerÍa, originally built to protect against pirates. Across town, contemporary art lovers will enjoy the AlmerÍa Museum Art Center, while the AlmerÍa Museum showcases prehistoric art collections. 

Altea: Fun for Photographers 

Two hours east up the Costa Blanca (white coast) lies Altea, in the nearby Alicante province, a name given by the Moors as Althaya, meaning “health to all.” The streets of the old part of town with cobbled streets lead to the Cathedral are charming to walk and offer stunning views. This is a photographer’s dream day trip. Altea boasts glittering turquoise waters and white sand beaches near the urban areas. Looking for something a bit more off the beaten path? Head to the coves (calas) to relax away from crowds. 

Where in Spain is Murcia is an easy one to answer: make Murcia home and get to know its surrounding areas. Invest in a villa today.

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