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Get Sporty In Spain

Spain is a major powerhouse throughout the world when it comes to Sports. Football is most likely the first sport that comes to mind when you think of sport in Spain, as two of them most dominant teams in the world, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid FC are of course Spanish. Other sports where the Spanish excel include basketball, golf, motorcycling, cycling, tennis, and Formula One.

However, you don’t have to be as accomplished as Rafa Nadal or Marc Márquez to enjoy the sporty lifestyle Spain has to offer. One of the most compelling reasons why the British move to Spain is unsurprisingly for the weather, and this naturally leads to spending much more time outdoors than most people are accustomed to in rainy and dreary Britain. As a result, even those who have never partaken in any type of sporting activity find themselves becoming more active when they move to Spain.


The Mediterranean coast is not only famous for its beautiful beaches, it also boosts some fabulous walking and hiking trails. Many of the delightful coves and beaches of coastal Spain are linked by a series of narrow paths and walkways, formed by fishermen who need to access the beaches and also by the authorities who patrolled the coast looking for “contrabandistas” or smugglers.

In most municipalities, sections of these early trails have been restored and improved by local authorities to provide a unique and optimal way to explore the wonderful coastline of Spain. With numerous paths to choose from, you can enjoy an entire days’ hiking, or just take a half hour leisurely walk, either of which will leave you feeling invigorated and improve your fitness levels.

Nordic Walking

Some Spanish resorts promote Nordic walking as part of their tourist attractions and offer guided walking tours. Nordic walking is a fabulous and cheap way to stay fit, as when walking with poles you build both lower and upper-body endurance, and Nordic walking increases calorie burn by 20 to 45 percent over regular walking. It is also a popular sport among the older generation as the support provided by the poles means less stress on the knees.


Another cheap and easy-to-access sport which the Spanish excel at is cycling. Unlike in the UK where after the bike the most important cycling component is a sturdy and very waterproof jacket, the Spanish climate is perfect for cycling almost all year round.

While Spain is a hilly country famous for its rugged mountainous scenery, resorts and even the major towns of Valencia and Barcelona are pretty flat. You’ll find dedicated bike lanes in many towns, which means cycling is not just a great way to get fit, it is also one of the best ways to get from A to B within a town. Additionally, getting in the habit of cycling to run errands will save you money on fuel and parking fees.

You can pick up a very decent bicycle for around 150€ at any branch of Decathlon in Spain, or check out sites like Segundamano and Milanuncios for second hand bargains.


In the UK, even if you live by the sea, chances are high that you won’t be taking a dip unless it is July or August, if at all. However, in Spain the sea temperatures are very bearable from June to October, with many braver individuals taking the plunge into the Med from as early as April.

When living in Spain, even if you do not relish the thought of swimming in the sea you will find plenty of opportunities to enjoy swimming. If you look at properties on any Spanish estate agents such as those for sale on www.valuvillas.com which is an agency located on the Costa Blanca, you’ll see a large percentage of apartment blocks have a community pool, and even villas with a private pool can be snapped up in 2017 for the same price you would pay for a small city centre one-bedroom flat in the UK.

Furthermore, you’ll find numerous hotels and country masia-style restaurants where you can enjoy the swimming facilities on offer for the price of a drink or a meal. Just remember to swim before you eat!


The bottom line is, if you move to Spain, as well as being able to enjoy a comfortable top-quality lifestyle at a much lower cost compared to living in the UK, you are also likely to become much fitter in the process.

So what are you waiting for?

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