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Mud Baths: Mar Menor’s Dirty Little Not-So-Secret

Mud Baths in Mar Menor

Visitors enjoy the mud baths in Mar Menor’s warm lagoon.

When you think of living in Murcia, you likely think of the warm climate, calm waters and lots of time spent outdoors. If you’re a local, you might also know Murcia as the destination for mud – that is, the therapeutic, nutrient-rich mud baths in the Mar Menor.

It sounds like a messy pastime, but mud bathing has taken place here for centuries. In fact, did you know the Mar Menor is called the “sea of health” for its warm waters and healing muds? Plenty of bathers have come to the edges of the lagoon seeking the medical benefits of mud, namely for arthritis, rheumatism, broken bones and skin conditions. It’s also been the source of natural beauty treatments for just as long, although you can now pay for the experience in some of the area’s luxury spas.

If you like the idea of mud baths in the Mar Menor (and you don’t mind it on your skin), then this could be a big benefit to living in Murcia. There are a few designated “bathing” stations, mainly in Las Charcas, San Pedro del Pinatar, and the southern end of La Manga. Here you can take a specially designed ladder into the shallow water, or have a seat in one of the newer areas built for disabled bathers. Whichever method you choose, you won’t be alone. Mud bathing is a popular attraction here – especially in the warmer months.

As a team, we have been in the Costa Calida region of Murcia for years, so the mud baths along the Mar Menor are no secret to us. However, if you haven’t taken a trip down to the “sea of health” yet, make sure you stop by for your own treatment. It’s well worth the time, and – even better – it’s free, courtesy of Mother Nature.

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