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July 30, 2021, 6:32 pm

Here’s Why You Should Find Property for Sale in Murcia Spain During Semana Santa (Holy Week)

Experience Semana Santa while shopping for property for sale in Murcia Spain.

Now that we’re in the middle of “busy season” for Spanish real estate, any time before the month of June is prime time shopping in terms of property for sale in Murcia Spain. But if you’re planning to travel here soon, we thought we’d at least encourage you to do so during Semana Santa, or Holy Week. This is one of the most exciting, meaningful celebrations you’ll experience in Murcia, and one of the highlights of living in the region.

What is Semana Santa?

Semana Santa is Holy Week. This year, it lasts from Sunday, March 25 (Palm Sunday) through Sunday, April 1 (Easter Sunday). In Murcia, you’ll find something happening every one of those days, whether it’s one of the processions winding through the streets or a play at one of the local churches. Each region in Murcia celebrates in their own fashion; some are more polished and regimented, while others are free flowing and festive. Every aspect of this week is, of course, to observe the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, which remains at the center of all activities.

The processions, which are more like parades, can last for hours and take on a different meaning throughout the week. Each procession represents part of the original story of Christ. Approaching Good Friday, the parades turn dark (literally) as sadness pervades the event, and people walk silently through darkened streets. On Easter Sunday, the mood is joyful and celebratory, with many routes overflowing with flowers and the color of white. No matter which day you catch a procession, though, it’s sure to wildly appeal to your senses.

The plays – called Auto Sacramental – are known as passion plays in this region. They also tell the story of Christ, and you can find performances throughout the week at churches in the area.

Other highlights of Semana Santa are the choral concerts, many of which are free, located in various plazas and churches. It’s a deeply satisfying experience that will move you, no matter what your faith.

If you’re planning to look at property for sale in Murcia Spain, and you want to see what life here is really like – the customs, traditions, sounds, sights – then you’ll want to be here during Holy Week. It’s a time you won’t ever forget, and you’ll feel entrenched in what makes this special place in the world so unique.

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