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The Sailing Life in Costa Calida

Sailing Boats in Costa Calida - Cartagena, Spain

Go sailing in Costa Calida – it’s what the locals do.

You don’t have to be in the region of Murcia for very long to notice the water is where’s it at. On most days, you’ll find folks commanding various watercraft across the calm currents of the Mar Menor lagoon. Or, for the more agile among us, taking on the challenging pace of the Mar Mayor (Mediterranean). Personally, one of our favorite pursuits is sailing in Costa Calida, which can be enjoyed a few different ways.

Learning to Sail in Costa Calida

Whether you’ve never been sailing before or you’ve primarily been a passenger, you can easily get your feet wet by taking sailing lessons in Costa Calida. There are more than 25 water sports centers to help you do so, including the Mar Menor Water Sports Consortium. Once you go through the necessary training and obtain a license, there are plenty of places that have sailboats available for you to rent and sail on your own. Even kids ages 6-17 can participate in a 10-day sailing camp on the Mar Menor through ARBOLAR.

Just Enjoying the View

Of course, you don’t have to learn to sail to enjoy the ride. Sailing in Costa Calida is so popular that you won’t have trouble finding a tour boat to take you around the Mar Menor or Mar Mayor. Private tours are also available, and can be customized to the type of experience you wish to have. For example, you might enjoy diving as a part of your sailing excursion.

Clubs and Regattas

If you really get serious about sailing, then you might enjoy checking out some of the sailing clubs in Murcia. Mar Menor even has its own sailing association, which is a great way to learn more about the sport and convene with others.

Regattas are very popular in the Mar Menor, due to its tranquil waters and year-round comfortable temperatures. If you haven’t been to the races yet, there are some good ones to attend, whether you’re sailing or socializing.

The next time you’re in Spain, be sure to make time for sailing in Costa Calida with your family or friends. Better yet, check out the current properties for sale in Murcia, and make sailing a part of your everyday lifestyle.

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