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Los Alcazares, Spain
April 1, 2023, 10:40 am

Spain Real Estate Selling Point: Kayaking in Costa Calida

Spain’s real estate in Murcia makes it easy to go kayaking in Costa Calida.

Costa Calida is a water lover’s paradise, which makes it especially attractive for buyers who want a piece of Spain real estate. Not only does it offer warm temperatures year round (Costa Calida literally means “warm coast”); there are also nearly 250 km of Mediterranean coastline – including the Mar Menor on the north end – where you can launch watercraft for a peaceful retreat or a maritime adventure. If you’re interested in kayaking, then you’re really going to dig this coastal stretch of southern Spain – as a resident or as a visitor. Let’s take a look at a few different spots that are absolutely perfect for kayaking in Costa Calida.

Mar Menor

Located on the north end of Costa Calida near the city of Murcia, the Mar Menor is a shallow, saltwater lagoon where some of the best property in Spain can be found. It’s an easygoing seaside environment where water sports are king. If you’ve never commanded a kayak before, then this is the ideal starting point. The water is calm, the wind is minimal (especially in the morning), and you’re secluded from the Mediterranean by a long stretch of land called La Manga. You can rent kayaks, and canoes for that matter, from the Nautical Resort on the Mar Menor. It’s up to you whether a leisurely paddle or a trek to one of the nearby islands sounds more appealing.


Just south of the Mar Menor is Mazarrón, a wide bay that opens up to the Mediterranean. This spot is perfect for kayaking in Costa Calida because it caters to all skill levels. Mazarrón Multiaventura can rent you a kayak for solo adventures or take you on a guided tour that includes time for snorkeling or diving. If you’ve already tried kayaking on the Mar Menor, and you want a bit more of a challenge, then this small stretch of coast could be your best bet. Plus, it’s not far from the southern Spain real estate properties in Murcia.


Situated at the southernmost point of the Costa Calida, Águilas is a tourist town with great exposure to the Mediterranean. Here you’ll find high cliffs and hidden coves to explore on your kayak journey. Vive Águilas offers a variety of leisure excursions and guided tours as well as longer trips for more experienced paddlers.

If you’re really in for a multi-day kayaking adventure, then you can check out the expert-level excursion that goes from Murcia to Cabo de Gata. This is a physically demanding trip that takes four days to complete, and it is totally worth it.

Kayaking in Costa Calida is available for all ages and skill levels. Be sure to check out these spots on your next visit to Murcia, or make it a permanent pastime when you buy property in Spain.

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