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What’s Happening around Spanish Homes for Sale in Murcia, Spain

Pouring Wine in Jumilla, Murcia, Spain

Wine is what’s happening around homes for sale in Murcia, Spain – but that’s not all.

It’s a running joke among our group that whenever someone asks about the goings-on with our Spanish homes for sale in Murcia, we respond with “Well, it’s another sunny day!”

Of course, we love that Murcia has 300 days of sunshine a year (no wonder the World Health Organization named it one of the healthiest places to live), but there is also much more to this special place than the perfect weather.

Let’s take a look and what’s happening these days in and around the homes for sale in Murcia, Spain – a unique coastal region defined by tradition, eclectic culture, outdoor adventure, and amazing culinary experiences. 

The Arts

Murcia has become home for many artists, culminating in some of the most fascinating galleries and art shows on the Mediterranean. It isn’t unusual to find exhibitions in old churches, abandoned factories and underutilized facilities, where art has given new life to these buildings and the city. Some of our current favorites are Espacio AV, which focuses on contemporary art, and Galeria T20 for its emerging artist collections.

The Food

It’s been said that Murcia is home to Spain’s best tapas, and it’s unlikely to be disputed – even by Spanish chefs. In case you want to verify the claim yourself, there are plenty of places ready to help you. El Bolito, La Tapa, and La Mejillonera are just a few of this area’s crown jewels, and there are many other options bordering our Spanish homes for sale in the region. For more on what’s happening in Murcia culinary circles, check out TripAdvisor’s 10 Best Restaurants.

The Wine

Murcia is wine country, and you’ll know it from the moment you set foot in the area. There are about 100,000 hectares (around 247,000 acres) of vineyards in the region. This gives you a pretty good idea of how important wine is to the area.

Cehegin Wine School, located in a subterranean facility, is one of the more unique spaces to learn about different types of wine and cultivation methods. It also has a new gallery space within the cellar, and an event space for lectures and concerts.

The Golf

Some would say Murcia is a golfer’s paradise. There are 10 golf courses within 30 minutes of the San Javier Airport, and the greens fees are reasonable. With courses by the coast and further inland, there is plenty of space to play no matter your abilities. Plus, with that favorable weather we mentioned, any time of year is a good time for golf.

Want to know more about what’s happening around the Spanish homes for sale in Murcia, Spain? Let us know about your interests in the comments, and we might just blog about it!

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