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Los Alcazares, Spain
August 6, 2020, 9:20 pm

The Spectacular Experience of Cycling in Murcia

Man Cycling in Murcia, Spain, Near Water

You can go cycling in Murcia along the coast and in the mountains.

No matter where in Murcia you may be hanging your hat these days, you’re bound to see cyclists around town, in the mountains and along the coast. In fact, there are some places you’re likely to see more bikes than cars. It’s a bike-friendly area, and that’s one of the reasons why so many people go cycling in Murcia.

Cycling for Sport and Leisure

The unique terrain of Murcia lends itself to some spectacular biking routes. Of course, you have the mountain paths for a challenging ride and some of the best scenery. But you also have tranquil breezeways by the water, where you can take your mind off things and enjoy the year-round comfortable temperatures. In our opinion, one of the best ways to really see the area is to go cycling in Murcia. You just can’t get the same experience from driving.

In terms of biking types, there are plenty of cyclists who come to Murcia for training, but there are just as many folks here who enjoy meandering through commercial areas to pick up a loaf of bread, delicious Spanish serrano jam, manchego cheese and join a friend for a picnic.

If you’re relatively new to the area, then cycling through Murcia is a perfect way to get acquainted with the region’s history and culture. Enjoy the surprise of discovering a new tapas restaurant around a less-traveled corner, or a centuries old church overflowing with stories of days gone by. 

Cycling in Murcia is an Everyday Thing

Due to the abundant sunshine, cycling is possible in Murcia nearly any day of the year. And you won’t have to go far to find a biking path either. The roads are smooth and empty, and the smell of the sea is ever present. To find cycling trails in Murcia, head over to MapMyRide.

It’s the perfect excuse for getting outside and exploring the natural beauty of this special place – any time you desire.

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